Sea sailing

Together with my husband Andreas, we sail in the Mediteranean sea on our Wauquiez Centurion 40 "Rûzje Wyn".

We started sailing together on a Dart 18 in 1987. Later we sailed by charter with our children in Greece for many years and visited over 110 Island. On the lake of Neuchâtel in Switzerland we own a Kelt8, which we share with friends.


Croatia August-September 2023

Croatia Mai-June 2023

Croatia spring and autumn 2022

Mai-June: 906 sea miles

August-September: 718 sea miles

Italy-Greece 2021, 2367 sea miles

Croatia July August 2020 (circa 1050 sea miles)

Croatia September 2019

Rùzje Wyn

We have a new sail boat. it is a Wauquiez Centaurion 40, 1987. her home base is Aprillia Maritima in Italy

Sailing in Cuba 2019

Greece 2017 the unplanned trip

This year we had to replan our planned trip comepletely because of strong winds and so we sailed west in stead of east.

Some inpressions can be found here

Greece 2016

571 See miles

57% on Sail

Boat Filia Oceanis 411

Charter Company PADOMAR


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Greece 2015

498 See miles

67% on Sail

Boat Filia Oceanis 411

Charter Company PADOMAR


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Seychelles 2014

Sailed route

Praslin, La Dique, Silhoutte Mahé




2013 Greece

Sailed Route Greece 2013, 403 sea miles

Fotos see:



Greek daily island life


2012 Greece

2011 Greece and Thailand

Greece Photos

Thailand Photos

2010 Greece


2009 Greece

Sailing in Switzerland

Lake Neuchâtel 2020, Arc-en-ciel

Dart 18
Dart 18